Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

1)    Does American Stave Co. buy and log standing timber?

a.     Our company does not log or buy standing timber.  We buy logs that have been harvested and are ready to be sold.  If you need someone to harvest your timber we would be happy to recommend one of our independent reputable log suppliers.


2)    What is the minimum amount of logs needed for ASC to send a buyer?

a.     We need at least one semi load of logs or about 3,000 board feet to send one of our buyers. 


3)    What species of White oak will ASC buy?

a.     ASC only buys white oak (Quercus Alba) and chinkapin oak (Quercus Muhlenbergii).  We do not purchase post oak (Quercus Stellata), bur oak (Quercus Macrocarpa), chestnut oak (Quercus Prinus), or any other white oak species.


4)    What conditions must be met in order for you to arrange transportation of the logs with ASC?

a.     If necessary our buyer will make arrangements with our trucking department and a semi truck will be dispatched to pick up the logs provided the following conditions are met.  There must be at least one full load of logs.  The logs must be in an accessible area to semi trucks regardless of weather conditions.  If you live outside of Missouri you will need access to a loader to load the logs on our trucks.


5)    How and when will ASC pay for your logs?

a.     If you deliver logs to one of our mill yards, the logs will be scaled and a check written the same day.  If you sell logs to one of our field buyers, they too can pay the same day.


6)    What is the best time of year to sell ASC white oak stave logs?

a.     Anytime, we have a large demand for white oak stave logs and aggressively seek and pay competitive prices for stave logs all year long.

American Stave Company Mission Statement “Ethical, Consistent and Professional”
Our goal is to provide superior service to our suppliers by building long lasting relationships that are Ethical, Consistent and Professional while purchasing high quality logs at competitive prices that support our customers’ needs.

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